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Cleaning out

I was rearranging files and came across drafts of a few pieces I wrote for This Recording. « In Which Birds Flying High You Know How She Feels » (a review of Wendy & Lucy) In Which Our Midwestern Correspondent Returns To Pass On The Straight Dope From Nebraska Country In Which Our Midwestern Correspondent Attends the Nebraska … Continue reading »

Mood board for a new project

Someone wise (and I should know who) wrote that Nebraska was 90% sky, 10% earth. And no matter how long I’m away, the landscape is seared in my deepest, earliest memories. I love the way one bright, warm, earthy or floral or vibrant color pops from the blues of a seemingly endless sky.   … Continue reading »

Closing out 2014 with the Festive 500

Closing out 2014 with the Festive 500

I signed up for the Festive 500 with two competing planes of thought. One: piece of cake. I’ve cycled so many centuries and double centuries that this was just three of those, close together. Two: I’m really going to try to do this in the midst of flying cross-country to visit family, thereby ensuring that … Continue reading »

Portfolio Selections

Video Production My most recent feature, Miles to Go: Women Activists Reflect on the Road Traveled, premieres on September 30th, 2014. Please contact me to request a screener copy. In 2010, I co-produced, directed, and edited When We Stop Counting. The film, which follows six Latino high school students in Crete, Nebraska, merges student stories with voices of … Continue reading »

Thank you

Thank you for clicking on that link! While you’re here, feel free to take a look at my C.V. or read my Master’s thesis on the recursive relationship between mass media coverage of education and how education policy is crafted and implemented. Or, if you are more in the mood to read about cycling, check out … Continue reading »

Gravel Worlds 2014

After two months in Philadelphia, where my new bike friends heard more than a few grumblings about how hard it was to get away from the city, how Forbidden Drive might be a gravel surface but didn’t evoke the same feelings that I’d have on a gravel ride on the Great Plains, and more than … Continue reading »

Seeing beauty or boring

Seeing beauty or boring

I had a long drive across Pennsylvania yesterday. It gave me a lot of time to think about this accusation I often hear when introducing myself as being from Nebraska. It goes something like this: “Nebraska. I drove across that once. Thought it would never end. Wow, it was boring.” Generally, my rejoinder has been … Continue reading »