Annals of Cooking for One: Hungry for Pizza

Pizza Night!
With 30 mph winds and the threat of rain (and snow??), I knew I wouldn’t put in enough miles riding outside. A couple of aggressive young whippersnappers took all the fans in spin class for themselves, so I biked home sweaty without changing for the immediate air-conditioning effect into the south wind. I biked home hungry.
Started capturing a freelance project for my father, hit the shower, and then started the pizza preparations.

Whole wheat crust from Le Quartier, conveniently freezable so I could use but one of the three
Spices, including oregano, basil, fresh ground mixed peppercorns, crushed red pepper
Fresh garlic
Oil-cured black olives
Anchovies and the capers they were wrapped around
Mozzarella (not pictured….yet)

Post-oven deliciousness

To accompany the nearly 3/4ths of this pizza I ate (with three pieces left for lunch tomorrow), I sliced up a watermelon radish from Shadowbrook Farm. Beautiful!

It’s an heirloom variety of daikon radish, and one of a few local foods popping up so far this season. Speaking of which, this Sunday, April 5th from 11 AM-2PM is the 4th Annual Slow Food Nebraska Eggstravaganza. This year, it’s being held at Chez Hay, and Triggertown will be playing live. RSVP to

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