Annals of Cooking for One: Feeling Local

I spent the day home & cleaning, ably assisted by bizarre weather (including, at one point, simultaneous tornado & winter storm warnings nearby) and good music. Breakfast was brought to me — in bed, no less — by my lovely honorary roommate Sally, who cooked up lemon-risotto pancakes with spiced apples on top. Delicious, and excellent motivational fuel for the cleaning activities to follow.

Midday, I made a scramble with spinach, mushrooms, parmesan & eggs from Common Good farm in Raymond, NE. And for a light dinner, I took the local to the max.

Steelhead trout (the non-pre-spiced variety) from Blue Valley Farm in Sutton, NE. Spiced with mixed pepper. I threw in half a bunch of red kale from Community Crops in Lincoln, NE with some fresh-squeezed lemon right at the end. The kale did a nice job absorbing the pan flavors while retaining its own bite.

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