America, It’s Finally Opening

A few years ago, my good friend Taylor Baldwin told me about a museum under construction in Kentucky. Sponsored by Answers in Genesis, the museum is none other than a natural history museum grounded in the premise that the earth is 6,000 years old. Displays therefore include Adam and Eve, just after the fall, cavorting with dinosaurs. Fossils, it seems, all come from the great flood, and you can even ride a ride designed by the same guy who did Jaws and King Kong rides at Universal Studios — but, mind you, is a true believer — that simulates being on Noah’s Ark.

When Taylor heard about this a few years back, we were going to road trip there together. Now, perhaps, we can.

T-rex hangs out, quite docile, next to a child.
This is Taylor with a dinosaur-sized cricket. It’s no wonder he wanted to go.

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