A dream

Last night, I had a beautiful, extended dream. I will try to remember all the parts.

I was thrilled to discover that Elvis Perkins in Dearland would be returning to the Midwest. I read on their website that the show would take place in the Pioneers Amphitheater – which I then discovered was in fact the Pinewood Bowl. I was in touch with the band about staying with me after the show, and we got together to hang out beforehand. We drove out to Pioneers Park together in an orange-tinted sunset. We stood on the sledding hill, watching as the bright sun turned deep red and fell behind the western ridge in that way only Nebraskan sunsets do. At this point, there was a beautiful shot of Nick, silhouetted against the orange sky and smiling broadly.

We ran through the falling darkness toward the amphitheater, through absolute blackness of dense pine trees, their branches shining black-blue with movement. We came up from the back of the stage, and their music suddenly swelled mid-song, filling the entirety of space as I could perceive it. It was as if nothing other than that very moment existed.


I have certainly forgotten or rearranged many parts. The fusion of memories is interesting, however. I did recently find out that Elvis and band will be in Omaha in April, and spent a good deal of time yesterday trying to figure out how to arrange some time away from work to hang out; the show, however, is at Sokol. The Pinewood Bowl part echoes back to a time in high school where some friends and I walked through those woods and onto the stage late at night in a full-moon darkness.

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