beer ride

yia-yia’s and n street and a custom speaker in a custom trailer for mobile music and taking up streets and winding through neighborhoods and not falling in the deep crushed limestone while riding a roadie and stopping for a drink just across the bridge and not going to wal-mart and getting my neck realigned and getting beer poured on my face and making a friend with a light to see the trail better and spelunking for the hidden beers on ice at the end of the trail and james dean skid contests and enjoying the lovely night in the middle of the country and dancing and there was a multi-person spoon i didn’t join and mocking sarah palin and trig is down and can’t do the dishes and getting back on the bikes with the terror of the limestone again and not falling and not falling and el chapparo and this is why we live in lincoln, nebraska.

h/t conrad for the photo

and, for no good reason

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